HEXelon MAX includes two types of functions:

User's function
HEXelon MAX allows create some new functions consist of build-in functions.

Create new function calculating rectangle surface.
  1. Open window with a functions: Edit > Functions > New.
  2. Write RectangleSurface in Function name field.
  3. Write edge1,edge2 in Variables for function field.
  4. Write edge1*edge2 in Formula field.
  5. Write your name or/and e-mail in Author name field.
  6. Write some words of description what new function calculates. E.g: Returns surface of rectangle when both edges are known.
  7. Click Save button.

You just create new function.

Using new function
In calculator (main) window write then function name: RectangleSurface(10;15). Values 10 and 15 are longths of rectangle's edges.
Result for this values are 150 that is surface of the rectangle.

Publish the function in Internet.
HEXelon allows to publish user's function in Internet for other program users.
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Download a functions from Internet.
You can use some functions created by other HEXelon users.
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