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HEXelon MAX - language files

Click right mouse button over a link and select "save target file as".
Home directory of language files: %program root%\lang, e.g. C:\Program Files\HEXelon MAX 6\lang\

LanguageHEXelon MAX ver.TranslatorUpdated
Czech6.07Ing. Michal Medek2007-04-26
English6.07Lloyd Jones2008-04-23
French6.07Pascal Aloy2008-06-07
Polish6.07Jerzy Znamirowski2007-06-28
Russian6.07Кирилл Сафронов2008-03-17
Slovak6.07Michal Kabát2008-05-20

You also can translate HEXelon MAX into your language.
If you know English and want to translate into your language please send me a message. Next I will contact with you via e-mail.


384 © Jerzy Znamirowski


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