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Main window - calculator. more »
Settings window. more »
Tab "Keyboard configuration" allow set each key for main
window. Simple drag&drop functions/variables/constants
between list and a key or between keys.

Units of measures converter. more »
Converter changes one unit into other.
There is list of categorys the left.
Units show as red and green.
Converted value above (number 1).
Currency: exchange rates and converter. more »
Button "Update currency" refreshes data from web server.
There are exchange rates by National Bank of Poland.

List of functions and constants. more »
The window allows: show, create, edit, delete,
download/upload functions created by a user.
Create new user function. more »
When new function is created we can publish (upload)
it on Internet. Other users will can download and use it.

Edit users function. more »
In this window we can change a user function
created or downloaded from the Internet before.
Download some functions from the Internet. more »
List shows all available users functions.
For download choose a function
and click "Download" button.

Publish users functions. more »
You can upload your own function to the Internet
for other HEXelon users.
Variables. more »
You can create/edit/delete your own variables.
Each variable can be use in a math expression.

379 © Jerzy Znamirowski

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